In just four short years, Judge Hoppy Haden has worked hard to get conservative results for Caldwell County. Judge Haden has…

Lowered the county tax rate to its lowest rate in 15 years

Obtained over $30 million in grants for the county

Increased law enforcement and first responder budgets and provided new communication and safety equipment

Added new patrol deputy positions in the sheriff’s office

Purchased new county road equipment to replace decades old equipment

Allocated more funding to infrastructure projects

Acquired over $1 billion in economic development commitments

Secured a $17 million dollar grant from the General Land Office to build an evacuation/community center in Luling, just seven miles south of Lockhart

Led the creation of the Caldwell County Community Services Foundation, which is a non-profit that helps other non-profits in the county by providing them grants

Revamped the county elections department to ensure election integrity

Created an Environmental Unit to prosecute and stop illegal dumping throughout the county

Refreshed county vehicles through a lease program, which has freed up dollars to be reinvested in other county departments to improve services

Erected a new emergency radio tower in western Caldwell County to allow first responders to use their radios along the San Marcos River during times of flooding

Led the county effort with stakeholders to replace lighting and old HVAC and water systems in county facilities at no cost to taxpayers